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Quick Support

Our Quick Support service enables us to work on your computer problems from our office using web-based remote access technology. Quick Support is secure (all transfers are encrypted and protected by a one-time log in) and easy to set up (no changes are needed to firewalls or routers).
To get started, telephone us at 530-263-0413.  If your issue can be resolved using Quick Support, we will guide you through installing our remote helper.   We offer same-day service and in many cases we will be able to work on your issue as soon as you call us.

PC Quick Support App       Mac OSX Quick Support App

We charge $15. to initiate the service which includes the first 15 minutes of support. Additional time is charged, on a prorated basis, in quarter hour increments. Contact us at (530) 263-0413 to take advantage of our Quick Support service.

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